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We Are Specialists In These Areas

Wellness Chiropractic Care

Our General Chiropractic services seek to alleviate back pain, neck pain, and extremity issues. We examine each patient to determine the most appropriate method of individualized care.

PulStar Impulse Therapy

Along with the use of traditional manual chiropractic adjustments, our offices are equipped with PulStar technology. PulStar is a safe and effective method of adjusting for all ages.

Personal Injury

We provide treatments for a range of issues, including whiplash from car accidents, and more. Our expert chiropractors assess each individual case to determine the most effective solution and work in harmony with the body’s natural processes to promote healing.

Massage Therapy

Massage and chiropractic care work wonderfully, hand in hand, to reduce pain and improve wellness.

Nutrition Consultation

Our Chiropractors can recommend high-quality, whole food-based nutritional supplements as well as other nutritional suggestions to help promote total body wellness.

Posture/Biomechanics Training

Patients are taught how to achieve and maintain correct posture and alignment while keeping an active lifestyle.

Family/Pediatric Practice

Chiropractic care is beneficial in all stages of life. From pregnancy to newborn care and pediatrics, our qualified doctors are ready to serve your entire family.

Workers’ Compensation

Our office is experienced with workers’ compensation cases and can help you to navigate this process throughout your treatment.

Functional Movement Screenings

Functional movement screenings are used to evaluate key movement patterns that are vital to building strength and restoring dynamic movement.

Sports Physicals

Sunbury Chiropractic offers convenient, efficient, and affordable sports physicals for athletes any time of the year.

Advanced Core Training for Athletes

Our specialized advanced core training program teaches how to transfer energy between the upper and lower body seamlessly for optimal sports performance.


We offer multiple orthotic options, including customized orthotics from Feet First Orthotic Labs right here in Ohio.

Graston Technique

Graston Technique® (GT) Therapy is a form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) that enables practitioners to break up scar tissue, fascial restrictions and increase range of motion.

Kinesiology Taping

Our office utilizes kinesiology taping in a variety of ways for different injuries. Kinesiology tape helps to improve lymph transport and increase circulation.