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What To Expect

What to expect during your first and second appointments…

When you arrive for your very first appointment at Sunbury Chiropractic Center, you will be welcomed by our friendly staff who will assist you to sign in at the front desk kiosk. Please be prepared to give your insurance card and identification to the front desk staff. Once all paperwork has been completed, you will get a tour of our facility. Afterwards, you will meet one of our doctors and share what concerns have brought you to our office. The doctor will perform a detailed physical examination. If warranted, you will receive x-rays of your problem areas.

When you arrive for your second appointment, you will again sign in at the front desk kiosk. Your doctor will give you a detailed report of the findings from your x-rays and examination, then discuss the plan of care for your treatment. Next, one of our skilled insurance staff will go over a financial worksheet to explain the costs for care with you. At this time, you will receive your first adjustment, which will be either by using PulStar Impulse Therapy or manual adjustment techniques. You may have additional therapy treatments such as electrical stimulation, traction, or therapeutic exercises if needed. Finally, one of our chiropractic assistants will schedule your follow up appointments.